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Since 1980, Constructora Costarricense S.A. (COCOSA) has refined an assessorial line of work. Focused on bank advising for valuation purposes and supervision of constructions financed through a bank credit.


In the course of  the years, has gained more participation in the national market, to the extend of becoming, the single servicing company for the whole national banking network and numerous demanding independent clients.


Our experience allows advising in different fields:

For the inspection assignments the methodology used is based on cost control technique  and progress versus a physical and financial timetable usually prepared by the client and endorsed by COCOSA. Quality control for the finishing is completed taking into account the best sampling techniques and the professionals’ long time expertise in construction business.


For the execution of the projects in charged, COCOSA has retained experienced professionals and auxiliary personnel available to travel /mobilize coast to coast using four by four vehicles to fulfill deadlines for any appraisement.


Due to the implicit limitations of the work field, COCOSA doesn’t complete machinery, vehicular or equipment assessments; exclusively to real state.

The first step for a serious appraisal is to contact us:




Replacement cost valuation (traditional method)

Assessment by market conditions

Evaluation by performance / profitability

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