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Urbanización La Geroma. 1977

Constructora Costarricense S.A. (COCOSA), was born as a company set to construction of urban sites. During 10 years mostly devoted to housing developments and earthworks.

Through the early years of labors, relying mainly on their own brand new machinery and state of the art construction practices, COCOSA had been in charge of the construction of Parque Industrial Z in Cartago, Urbanización La Geroma (West Rohrmoser), Urbanización El Bosque in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, Residencial José María Zeledón and many others.


Regarding earthworks, COCOSA has carried out exca- vations works for the Contraloría General de la Republica, Plaza del Sol 864.86 acres’ salt water ponds for shrimp cultivation.


From 1982, enters the building construction without abandoning the housing development projects. The 750 dwelling units grant and their infrastructure by the INVU, Corina Rodriguez Project, COCOSA breaks through in the civil engineering business. Then it followed the construction of 4 story apartment buildings (4 units on each level) in Hacienda Vieja, Curridabat.


Ever since has unified as a construction company specialized on industrial buildings, construction and remodeling of bank branches (Banco Continental, Banco Banex, Banco Cuscatlán, Banco BAC San José, Banco LAFISE  and recently Banco General).


The outstanding  remodeling of the Hotel Costa Rica, Hotel Cariari, 6 Pali supermarkets  Palí  (Santa Ana, San Antonio de Belén, El Roble de Puntarenas, Santo Domingo de Heredia and Liberia) and Cooperativa Dos Pinos, Cervecería Costa Rica plants among other prestigious firms are direct results from COCOSA’s close rapport/liaison with the clients as well as with the consultants.


In 1980, from the close relationship with Banco Banex, COCOSA iniciated supervision disbursement services for the first credit granted by the bank. Till date, Constructora Costarricense broaded its line of services to almost the entire national bank system. Not only for civil works, from real estate appraisal, residential areas to agricultural farms, hotels office buildings, shopping centers and more.


Nowadays, the 2 main work assignment sources are medium scale construction buildings and real estate appraisals. The urban development activities are not enforced now.



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